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All my creations are Mass Effect themed. Most of them are done in or for Garry's Mod. The rest are mini-mods for ME3. Welcome, and enjoy your stay on my page. ^^



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Consort's Invitation + Stranded - Update I, EDIT

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 11, 2015, 6:42 PM
  • Mood: Zeal
  • Listening to: ME 1 - 3 OST
  • Reading: the storyboard
  • Playing: Gmod
  • Drinking: Coffee + soda

EDIT, 11/16/15:

What's finished so far:

- Intro - 100 %
- Chapter 1 - 100 %
- Chapter 2 - PENDING
- Epilogue - N/A

poses made: 160 of 3??
photoshopping: 158 of 160 (basic retouches, textureseam removal, clipping error corrections, shadow adjustment)

photoshopping effects: 00 of 26 (fire, meteors, adding of non-poseable objects, etc.)

comic creation: N/A

I'm making the base effects now; flames, meteors and some additional stuff not available in Gmod.

The DoF, additional light rendering and color corrections will be made when all poses are done and the base editing is finished for the whole set.

I start posing Chapter 2 soon..........

The comic will probably be between 60 - 80 pages in the end. It's no longer a simple bonus content but a full size comic. :w00t:

And, just as I suspected, the CTDs stopped after I removed the mountain tunnel and a huge stone slab I'd used to cover the horrid looking lava in the map.

If I'm able to continue with the same speed I started posing with, "Stranded" will be finished until X-mas. :la:


It's been some time since I last posted a journal, but I'm making major strides.

What's finished so far:

textures for "Stranded"

lots of poses for "Stranded"

- Intro - 100 %
- Chapter 1 - 75 %
- Chapter 2 - N/A
- Epilogue - N/A

poses made: 090 of ???
photoshopping: N/A

comic creation: N/A

Here are some previews:

This one's more or less a test edit to see if the idea I had really worked. I added a forcefield effect and glowing buttons to the sphere and it looks really well.

I made this pose about 5 - 10 minutes ago. I'm really taking my time, trying to bring the characters to life with every single pose. I haven't done any postprocessing or editing. This is a raw shot, right out of Gmod. :)

And after suffering a serious burnout a few months ago, I'm back with a spring in my step and brimming with energy.

I was making comics and poses more or less for 8 years in a row, with only tiny breaks here and there. So I had to take some time off, doing nothing but playing games and being lazy. And, boy, that not only refilled my creative tanks but my energy bar is on 200 % right now. :D

I'm enjoying the process of making poses again and cannot get enough of it. I'm having so much fun doing them and I'm as giddy as a loon whenever a pose turns out right at once. Lol.

Okay, I'm... not going to put myself under pressure again, so I won't make any ETA's or such. At least not now. I'm progressing very nicely, sometimes faster, sometimes slower; depending on the map I'm in.

gm_Lair, for example, is my outside map and the area where most of the outdoor stuff happens. But, after prepping the map with several hundred props and all, the scene became unstable to the point that Gmod crashed to desktop in under a minute after loading said map. O_o

I finally removed all animals and the Skyrim stuff I'd used (rocks and weapons, mostly) and I was also getting rid of some additional deco items from The Mask's incredible mega-prop pack. The map seems to be stable NOW but I wouldn't be surprised if it starts crashing again the next time I'm gonna use it. I need that outside map a few times more, I'm alternating between indoor and outdoor scenarios to make the story I'm telling more interesting. And, honestly, I'm dreading the outside scenes a bit already.

Sometimes, I'm hardly reaching the place where the ragdolls are waiting before Gmod shuts down. And then again, I can make poses for hours without something happening.

Anyway, I also created a mountain tunnel with props and pushed them right into the mountain side. And I'll remove it the next time I use the outdoor scene - cuz I'm done posing in it's vicinity and will move in the map more to the right for a bit of a chance in scenery. ;) And I suspect that the crashing will stop after I did that. Because the first CTD happened while I was busy placing the "mountain tunnel"....

It's not the first time that I'm battling with unstable maps AFTER placing the props. In "The Avatar of Hope", I had a prolonged scene in a huge room full of machinery and faked prothean stuff, (Gmod-Map Area51) with Cerberus abducting Javik after some firefight. And I later found out, that, whenever I had the Cerberus Engineer either lying around, waiting to be posed or even as a finished pose, my Gmod crashed. So that fighting scene alone took ages to make (several days instead of hours). It was crashing, crashing and even more crashing. I was forced to save after raising an arm or turning a head so I wouldn't have to start over again after the next crash. And, sometimes, it even crashed before I could save. And that's exactly where I am now with gm_Lair... o_O

A'right, I'm going back to my poses now...

"The Consort's Invitation" will be finished after "Stranded" is done. And I can already tell (just from the finished poses and the storyboard) that "Stranded" is going to be great!!

See ya! :wave:


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I love making comics. This will always include romantic and erotic poses featuring my favorite characters. Lovestory- and erotic elements are my main area of interest; I'm not into generic action poses and prefer content to be passionate and sensual. A complete list of my DO's and DONT's can be found further down. But: all my works here are censored or at least tamed down and confirm with dA's Submission Guidelines for erotic content. The uncensored stuff goes into my blog and LJ:
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